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Skin Checks and Cancer Screenings

Early detection is key to effective treatment. Our thorough skin examinations identify potential issues, including skin cancer, at the earliest stages.

Acne Treatments

From mild breakouts to severe acne, we offer a variety of treatments, including topical medications, oral prescriptions, and advanced therapies to clear your skin and prevent future flare-ups.

Eczema and Psoriasis Management

Our specialists provide relief for chronic skin conditions through personalized treatment plans, including the latest in biologic therapies and light treatments.

Rash Diagnosis and Treatment

Identifying the cause of a rash is crucial. We offer comprehensive evaluations and treatments for various dermatological conditions, including allergic reactions and infections.

Hair and Nail Disorders

From hair loss (alopecia) to fungal nail infections, our team offers effective solutions for disorders affecting your hair and nails, restoring their health and appearance.

Age Spots and Melasma Treatment

Achieve a clearer, more even skin tone with our advanced treatment options for hyperpigmentation, including topical agents, chemical peels, and laser therapy.

Our extensive range of services means you can receive all your dermatological care under one roof.

Led by renowned dermatologists, our team is equipped with the knowledge and technology to treat all conditions of the skin, hair, and nails.
We prioritize your comfort and well-being, ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment from consultation through treatment.
Kimball Connelly
I would never use another dermatologist! Ms. Lyndsay Johnson is so thorough that I am so happy when I leave, I am sure I have been completely “inspected” ! Ms. Johnson found a cancer no one else did, and she saved my life! It was stage 3, and I had seen other doctors who could not find it. As far as I am concerned there is no other dermatologist for me. EVER!
Tony Buongiorno
This is the best place ever. You don’t wait forever for your appointment, never more than 10 minutes. DOCTOR CENTILLI is very good at what he does and has a great personality. If your looking for a dermatologist, you have found the right one. Thank you and your staff for the great service and caring attitudes.
Dennis Lary
Dr. Centilli and his entire staff who worked on my squamous cell carcinoma were very professional and caring about my wellbeing throughout the entire process. I felt very comfortable being a patient at Coastal Dermatology. The office staff that does the check-in are also a great first introduction to what my experience there as a patient would be like. I want to thank EVERYONE who had a part in providing me with such a positive experience.
Kathleen Vogt
By far the most comprehensive first visit to a dermatology practice I’ve experienced in over 50 years, followed by excellent care of and treatment for a squamous cell carcinoma. Well-managed and efficiently run, and the personnel are engaging and caring. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone.
Lewis Broome
I’ve had several spots on my leg and the form of a rash for one entire year. Saw several doctors All they gave me was a cream that did not work and oral antibiotics that did not work. One visit to Coastal Dermatology Institute one week later I’m clear! If you wanna go someplace and get diagnosed properly, take the time!
Craig Sturgill
Dr. Centilli and his staff are the best there is, and the facility is modern and beautiful. Read all the 5 star reviews and you will see that everyone else agrees. Make an appointment today…it’s the most easy medical exam you can get and might just save your life.

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We’re Here To All Your Questions

We recommend annual skin checks for most adults to monitor for changes and detect skin cancer early. If you have a history of skin cancer or other skin conditions, more frequent checks may be advised.
Yes, there are several dermatological treatments available for acne scars, including laser therapy, chemical peels, and microneedling. During your consultation, we will determine the best treatment plan based on your skin type and the severity of the scarring.
Absolutely. We carefully select treatments and products that are suitable for sensitive skin, ensuring they are effective without irritating. We also provide personalized skincare advice to help manage sensitive skin.
Your first appointment will include a detailed medical history and a thorough skin examination. We’ll discuss your concerns, possible diagnoses, and treatment options. This visit is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn about your skin health.
Prepare a list of your current skincare products, any medications you’re taking, and a history of your skin concerns. Be ready to discuss your medical history and any specific issues you want to address.

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